Medical malpractice cases are one of the most complex legal issues. Handling cases in the field of medical malpractice requires lawyers not only to master this domain of law, but also to be aware of the terms and intricacies of the medical aspects of the case.

When can we speak of „medical malpractice”?

Medical malpractice is "conduct contrary to generally accepted principles of medical expertise". If medical staff is responsible for negligent or wrongful act which occurred during the treatment (hospitalization, surgery) and caused injury to the patient, the patient may claim compensation from the hospital or other health care provider.

If medical malpractice occurred, then the compensation covers all financial losses incurred in connection with improperly provided health services.

The aggrieved party may then request reimbursement for the following:

  • costs of medicines, treatment, transport to the hospital, additional tests, adaptation of the apartment to a disability resulting from a medical malpractice, obtaining training for another profession,
  • if the health injury is permanent- the injured party may also demand payment of a monthly pension,
  • the injured patient may also demand payment of compensation for material damage to compensate for physical and mental suffering (pain, stress, fear, discomfort, etc.).