Kancelaria Radców Prawnych Kalita Karpeta Karolak i Wójcik s.c. [Law Firm of Attorneys-at-Law and Legal Advisors Kalita Karpeta Karolak i Wójcik s.c.] is a full-service law firm, representing clients in proceedings before courts of all instances, as well as before authorities and offices. We also provide legal advice, prepare legal opinions and analyses, as well as draft documents such as contracts, charters, or terms & conditions. Our priority is to find viable legal solution to every issue, ensuring the highest quality of our services. Individual approach to each client, being fully committed to all of the cases we are entrusted with and constantly expanding substantive theoretical knowledge result in satisfaction of numerous clients.

Many years of practicing law and offering legal representation, supported by acquiring skills and knowledge through participation in training courses and scientific conferences are a guarantee for delivering high-quality professional legal services.


Kancelaria Radców Prawnych Kalita Karpeta Karolak i Wójcik s.c. [Law Firm of Attorneys-at-Law and Legal Advisors Kalita Karpeta Karolak i Wójcik s.c.] provides legal assistance to individual clients, companies and organizations (including local governmental bodies, associations and foundations). The satisfaction of our clients is our priority and we complete our duties with utmost diligence and care, guided by the principles of professional ethics, which makes professionalism, reliability and discretion our fundamental principles.


Teamwork and creative use of our lawyers' skills and specializations allow us for comprehensive handling of complex and difficult cases. Our law firm’s team consists of young-spirited talents which, thanks to their passion and determination, cares for every detail, so that the effect of their work is satisfactory to the client. Our team places particular emphasis on diligence, responsibility and empathy.

Don’t hesitate to check our offer. We will be happy to find an optimal solution for any legal problem.

Civil law

Civil law is a domain of law we often hear about, because it regulates property and personal relations between legal and natural persons. The provisions of the Civil Code apply to most matters of everyday life.

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Inheritance law

Inheritance cases cover great variety of matters. These tend to be complicated problems and decisions that require an in-depth legal analysis. Many questions arise, e.g. how to draw up a legally binding will? Also proceedings for the division of the estate and dissolution of joint ownership concerning the property left by the deceased are often problematic, heirs often seek justice through claims.

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Economic law, company law

We provide comprehensive assistance to entrepreneurs. Running a business is sometimes a process that consumes a lot of time and energy. The complexity of business relations requires comprehensive and individual approach to each client.

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Criminal law

Our Law Firm offers legal assistance in the field of offenses, criminal law and penal revenue law. We offer defense and representation to our clients in preparatory proceedings, as well as judicial proceedings in all instances.

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Family law

Family law cases often concern very sensitive areas of life, they can make us feel ashamed, or at occasions even intimidated. Our approach is based on in-depth conversation and empathy towards each client and strive to find the best solution for each of the cases we are entrusted with.

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Service for local authorities

Our Law Firm specializes in providing legal assistance to local authorities. We have provided services to many local authorities, which can be attributed to our experience and the amount of work put into improving our skills and expanding our knowledge in the field of administrative law.

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Administrative law

Our Law Firm also provides comprehensive services in the field of administrative law, in particular in matters relating to real estate, construction law and spatial development.

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Labor law

Fast economic development favors emergence of new employment forms. Our Law Firm makes appropriate adjustments to correspond enhanced standards on the market, and our lawyers continuously expand their skills and qualifications, which is crucial when handling labor law cases.

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Transport law

Transport law is a domain of law which our Law Firm often handles; we deal with both passenger and freight transport, with particular focus on damage caused during transport. We conduct cases for entities based both in the Republic of Poland as well as outside of Poland.

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Frank mortgage debtors

The topic of mortgages in Swiss francs is still present in the public dispute, the discussion only got heated after the judgment of the European Union’s top court on mortgage loans in Swiss francs. There is a real chance that the problems of the frank borrowers will finally end. We will guide you through this procedure.

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Our Law Firm provides legal assistance to injured persons and their families. The most common causes of legal disputes are lowered value of compensation or failure to pay the corresponding compensation amount. We participate, along with our clients, in negotiations with insurers as well as represent the injured person before all instances of common courts. Our goal is to obtain the highest possible compensation amount to fully protect the interests of our clients.

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