Motor damage is damage to the vehicle or its theft. In this case, we submit a claim to the insurer on behalf of the victim for compensation for a stolen or damaged vehicle, both from the injured party's and the perpetrator's civil liability insurance. 

Traffic accidents are one of the most common causes of bodily injuries and material damage. The law in force allows any victim of an accident to seek compensation, unless causing the accident was their fault.
If you are a victim of an traffic accident, regardless of whether you were driving, were a passenger, a pedestrian or a cyclist, or your relative is affected by an accident, you are entitled to:

  • compensation (Article 361, 444, section 1 of the Polish Civil Code);
  • disability pension due to total or partial loss of earning capacity or due to increased needs or reduced prospects of future success (Article 444, sections 2 and 3 of the Polish Civil Code);
  • compensation for non-material damage suffered (Article 445, section 1 of the Polish Civil Code);
  • pension, appropriate compensation and compensation for non-material damage in relation with the death of a relative (Article 446 of the Polish Civil Code.).

If your vehicle is damaged, lost or destroyed, you are entitled to:

  • reimbursement of vehicle repair costs
  • reimbursement of towing costs
  • reimbursement of parking costs
  • when applicable, reimbursement of replacement vehicle costs