Family law

Family law

Family law cases often concern very sensitive areas of life, they can make us feel ashamed, or at occasions even intimidated. Our approach is based on in-depth conversation and empathy towards each client and strive to find the best solution for each of the cases we are entrusted with.

The law firm "Kancelaria Radców Prawnych Kalita Karpeta Karolak i Wójcik s.c.” in Radom, offers comprehensive legal assistance in regulating family relations regarding both property and personal matters. We handle cases concerning such areas as: divorce, alimony, conducting proceedings for the division of assets, real estate, inheritance. Family law also covers contacts with children, childcare, increasing and reducing alimony. 

As part of family law, we work with:

  • divorce and separation cases;
  • matrimonial matters relating to the determination of the existence, non-existence and annulment of marriage;
  • matters relating to the division of joint property;
  • maintenance claims of the former spouse and children;
  • matters relating to parental responsibility or determining child’s biological parents.

We use models to meet the needs of clients and advise on the most effective actions for the intended goals. In the difficult process of the divorce, we represent spouses who intend break up quickly and amicably, as well as we strive to effectively determine fault in the breakdown of marriage, advocate for the right to contact with children and for obtaining corresponding alimony. We conduct divorce cases comprehensively, being aware that divorce proceedings are associated with strong emotions and stress, which may favor irrational decision-making. We provide professional assistance in order to divide property in the most efficient way, as well as in enforcement proceedings related to evasion of the maintenance obligation.